Our Mission

Who We Are

Safari Club International (SCI) is a not-for-profit organization of hunters whose primary missions are to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation.

SCI’s 50,000 members and 180 chapters in the US and around the world including Canada, are passionate about hunting and about wildlife conservation. Hunters take pride in carrying on the ancient traditions and practices of the hunt. Hunting is part of human nature and it is what enabled humans to feed ourselves, defend ourselves from danger, form societies and develop art such as the cave paintings tens of thousands of years old that depict hunting because it was essential to the survival and growth of humankind.

People hunt for many reasons. For most hunters, it is a tradition handed down through their families. For all hunters, it is an unparalleled way of participating in the real nature of life in the world, being self-sufficient and providing natural food for their families, friends and communities. All hunters are keenly aware of the natural world and the requirements of land and water that make it vibrant and that support a wide variety of wildlife. The hunter-members of SCI support legal and ethical hunting based on the concepts of science based sustainable use.

SCI is headquartered in Washington, D.C. in the USA and operates in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and elsewhere around the world. From its headquarters, SCI educates policy-makers, regulators and the public globally on the role of hunting in society and the economy. Through its chapters, SCI raises millions of dollars for local conservation, education and humanitarian activities. In conjunction with its sister organization, the SCI Foundation, SCI provides on-the-ground conservation and anti-poaching funding.

Mission and Involvement

The goal of Safari Club International Nova Scotia is to protect our hunting heritage in Canada through Conservation, Education and Humanitarian Projects as well as hunters rights advocacy.

We have taken on the endeavor of actively pursuing a change in Sunday hunting. Our members have spoken so we’re taking action.

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt/fish and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI provides value to members by shaping legislation and policies that protect the freedom to hunt/fish locally, nationally and internationally.

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