Wilderness Clean Dream Contest

Official clean up rules:

Participants must adhere to current Covid-19 distancing guidelines. No group pictures of more than 5 people will be accepted!
Collect garbage on all roadsides, river edges or wooded areas.
Entries will be accepted from all ages however youth MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Please refrain from touching any sharp or bio hazardous materials. Safety first for all participants!
One entry per photo. Please send only one photo per email with your FULL name and area cleaned. Garbage bag must be at least the size of a small grocery bag to count. Entries are unlimited. The more you clean, the better your chances are to win! Send submissions to INFO@SCINOVASCOTIA.COM
Every submission received before 11:59pm May 31st will entered into the random raffle draw for a $100 Basspro gift card to be mailed to winner. (Winner will be contacted for mailing information if drawn)
BONUS ENTRIES!! To receive BONUS entries follow us on Instagram or Facebook and post your pictures using the hashtag #scicleandream
Open province wide to Nova Scotia residents only.
*You do not need to be an SCI MEMBER to enter.*

Canadian Government Gun Ban

On May 1st, 2020, with no discussion in parliament, the Trudeau government passed legislation banning 1,500 types of modern sporting rifles. This ban also extended to firearms with a bore diameter over 20mm and any rifle capable of firing a projectile with a muzzle energy greater than 10,000 joules.

SCI Nova Scotia, alongside it’s parent body Safari Club International is part of a coalition of conservation and hunter advocacy organizations working to stand up against this blatant government overreach of power, and is pushing for fact based decision making on gun control with full due process in parliament. Using fear and backdoor tactics to pass this kind of important legislation is unacceptable. By joining SCI Nova Scotia you are supporting the fight against unfair treatment of legal gun owners and hunters across Canada.

Sunday Hunting

The Sunday hunting ban is a form of “blue law” which is a law enacted to restrict certain activities on Sundays in order to increase attendance at religious institutions.

SCI Nova Scotia is committed to continuing to press provincial politicians and bureaucrats to take action and lift the ban on Sunday hunting in Nova Scotia. We will accomplish this by using hard data, community outreach and continuing an open dialog on the subject with policy makers.

Youth Outreach

SCI Nova Scotia understands that we as Nova Scotian’s bear responsibility to encourage youth to get out and enjoy the outdoors. It is crucial that we recruit, and retain young hunters, anglers and trappers each year in order to pass on our beloved past times.

SCI Nova Scotia accomplishes this by organising multiple youth friendly outdoor events each year such as our Spring youth trout derby and Hardwater Classic. We also provide sponsorship to other like minded organisations committed to getting youth outside such as the Women That Hunt and the Little Fishers.

Spring Bear Hunting

Nova Scotia is currently the only province in Canada with a stable population of black bears that does not allow a Spring harvest. The reasons for this are not based on science or economics. Many Nova Scotians leave the province each spring to hunt black bears in New Brunswick, Newfoundland or other provinces. Additionally each Spring, Nova Scotia loses out on potential tourism revenue from U.S. hunters who would come here to hunt black bear.

SCI Nova Scotia has committed to pursuing the creation of a Spring black bear season. We will achieve this by continuing to press our local politicians and bureaucrats to make sounds science based decisions on wildlife management.

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